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BP is one of the biggest petroleum and energy companies in the world. It has a truly interesting history that stated very early in the 20th century in Persia, when an Australian/British magnate decided to explore the country’s soil in search of petroleum. After the success of such expedition (That at some point almost failed) the company developed a rich market and expanded all through Western Europe, as well as some parts of Asia and Oceania. They also played a crucial role during the wars, by providing the British with fuels for their army.
They have oil and fuel production plants all over the world, their usual strategy is to form alliances or joint ventures with companies present in the countries, or well, to build a relationship with the government of the receiving country, they are highly committed to the development of good societies and to the sustainability of their projects. They are innovative and recognized for being an energy leading company, they also own some of the most popular brands in fuels service and lubricants in the world.
BP’s global history.
As a matter of fact, BP has always been a global company, and has always had a historic global impact in different times since the 20th century. Starting in 1901, with an ambitious Australian-British mining magnate named William Knox D’Arcy, who had won a concession from Persia and decided to invest and explore for oil in the southwest of the country. This was a high bet for Mr. D’Arcy, and it could have cost…

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