Petroleum And Energy Industry : Bp

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BP is one of the biggest petroleum and energy companies in the world. It has a truly interesting history that stated very early in the 20th century in Persia, when an Australian/British magnate decided to explore the country’s soil in search of petroleum. After the success of such expedition (That at some point almost failed) the company developed a rich market and expanded all through Western Europe, as well as some parts of Asia and Oceania. They also played a crucial role during the wars, by providing the British with fuels for their army.
They have oil and fuel production plants all over the world, their usual strategy is to form alliances or joint ventures with companies present in the countries, or well, to build a relationship with
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D’Arcy began to run out of patience and at some point he sent a telegraph to his expedition to end the search, but his chief explorer George Reynolds wasn’t giving up, he and his team continued the drill until one morning on May 26th, 1908, it was obvious that they had come up with something, by four in the afternoon of that same day the drill had reached 1.180ft and a fountain of oil spewed into the sky.
Mr. D’Arcy, who saw the imminent fail of his operation and already contemplated a life in bankruptcy, didn’t get the message of the discovery until five days later, on a telegram that completely changed his panorama again. He kept the situation in a low profile until he could confirm that the expedition had been, indeed, successful. After nearly eight years of waiting, and having almost lost all of his fortune, William D’Arcy was now richer than he had ever been before.
But this was just the beginning for what one day would become one of the largest energy and oil companies in the world, in the following years the Anglo-Persian Petroleum Company (Later on BP) went through a lot of difficulties in order to expand and create a recognized brand.
After the successful finding of the oil it was time to begin the real operation, it was necessary now to build a refinery complex to make a product with the crude oil, this
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