Petty Officer Training Report

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Petty Officer Sun is an up-and-coming Second Class Petty Officer with enormous potential! His administrative expertise and selflessness makes him a valued asset to NCTS Far East.
- INDUSTRIOUS ADMINISTRATOR. Tracked general military and other required training completion for 206 Sailors and 62 USCS employees, compiled training data for 15 theater sync meetings and four monthly training reports, giving command leadership an accurate and up-to-date picture of the training readiness of the command.
- TEAM PLAYER. As Auxiliary Security Force sentry, he spent over 126 hours assisting Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka security personnel in the verification of the identification of over 200 personnel attempting entrance onto the Fleet Activities Yokosuka and 25 vehicle security inspections.
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As Manager's Internal Control Program manager, he was a vital part of organizing, cataloguing and reviewing the assessment of 21 command programs to help ensure they are safeguarded against waste, mismanagement and abuse. This provides NCTS with reasonable assurance against loss, unauthorized use and misappropriation which could affect the command's mission.

Petty Officer Sun is talented and thorough Second Class Petty Officer. Recommend for promotion to First Class Petty
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