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Running head: HOMEWORK 1 ASSIGNMENT Homework 1 Assignment Hector Torres Grand Canyon University Bio-316V July 1, 2011 Homework 1 Assignment 1. Which dosage forms are most appropriate for administering drugs to pediatric patients? Adults? Medication administration to a pediatric patient can be challenging. Prescribers should order dosage forms that are age appropriate for their patients. The drug delivery industry offers a full array of innovative dosage forms, which are suitable for pediatric patients of all ages. As for adults, the appropriate dosage forms for adults should be based on the specific needs of the patient. Dosage form depends on the patients’ delivery method of the medication (Olson, J., 2006).…show more content…
4. Examine the processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion and explain why they occur in this order. The process of absorption is affected by the drug’s form, a drug must be in a form that allows it to enter an organ wall and be carried by the blood stream. Distribution involves the transport of the drug by the circulatory system to the site of the intended action. Metabolism occurs primarily in the kidneys. Drugs are excreted by the liver and intestines. The kidneys filter the blood and remove unbound water soluble compounds and eliminate them with the passage of urine (Olson, J., 2006). 5. What determines the absorption ability of the drug? The factors that determine the absorption ability of the drug is the speed and duration of the response to a local anesthetic. The faster the absorption of the drug the higher the chance of systemic toxicity and effectiveness of duration is lowered. The rate is altered by the route of administration, use of vasoconstrictors, and patient factors (Olson, J., 2006). 6. Give a definition of the term pharmacodynamics. According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, (2009), the definition of the term pharmacodynamics “ is the study of how a drug acts on a living organism, including the pharmacologic response and the duration and magnitude of the response observed related to the concentration of the drug at an active site in the organism (Mosby Medical Dictionary,

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