Phases, Steps, Techniques, And Deliverables

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1. Compare and contrast phases, steps, techniques, and deliverables.

Phase: it is the categorization of work that is to be performed
Steps: The process that is involved in completing the work in a particular phase
Techniques: The approach which helps to complete the steps involved in that particular phase
Deliverables: The result/output that we get after completion of work
So in order to complete a task we categorize it into different phases and each phase consists of sequential steps that are to be performed using different techniques so as to get a desired output
Let us relate this to some real time scenarios
I decided to clean my room.
So the phases involved in cleaning my room are:
a) Cleaning the floor
b) Sorting my books in a shelf
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After identifying the need and how it influences the current business value, then we check practically whether it is possible or not with the support of IS team and the department/person who identified the need (called as project sponsor). This is called feasibility analysis. The system request and feasibility analysis are the deliverables that we produce to the approval committee to get a permission to start a project.
2) Project Management: after we get an approval from the committee, the project manager develops a project plan which describes the execution of the project and control of the project using different techniques, the way the team is going to build it. It also describes about the responsibilities of the team, work that is assigned to the team and the timeframe to complete the assigned work to the team and the way the team is going to manage it.
The deliverables of planning phase are: system request, feasibility analysis, project plan

4. Describe the principal steps in the analysis phase. What are the major deliverables?

The steps involved in analysis phase are:
1) Analysis strategy: The team who are working on developing a new system should analyze the existing system and the problems it is creating and the ways to overcome these problems in the new an analysis strategy is made to help the team in analyzing the existing system and what it is lacking of.
2) Requirements gathering: gathering some information by
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