Primary Functions Of A Manager

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PRIMARY FUNCTIONS IN MANAGEMENT Management is the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people (Robbins, DeCenzo & Coulter, 2015). The functions of a manager are defined primarily as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This paper will discuss these functions, their importance and benefits.
Virtually every step in professional project management includes project planning and replanning (Allen, McLees, Richardson & Waterford, 2015). Management needs to plan, define goals, institute a plan of action or policy regarding achieving stated goals, and develop a formula to obtain the primary objectives of the organization. A plan enables a manager to establish tasks and schedule
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Managers are faced with making decisions regarding every aspect of the company. Decision making is the essence of management (Robbins, 2015). Managers are responsible for an organized group of employees with a common or specific purpose. It is up to them to make the proper decisions, organize the jobs necessary for the overall efficiency, productivity and success of the organization. Every organization grows, prospers or fails as a result of decisions made by its members (Ada,S. and Ghaffarzadeh,M., 2015)
Decision Making
Managers want to be good decision makers and exhibit good decision-making behaviors so they appear competent and intelligent to their boss, employees and coworkers (Robbins,, 2015).
Managers must be able to understand and evaluate a problem, remain logical, and keep the focus on the organizations goal in regards to making any changes or decisions. They need to organize their team based on their knowledge and performance, evaluating objectively what is the best

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS IN MANAGEMENT 4 and most efficient outcome for the company. Decisions can seem as
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