Philip Kotler As The Father Of Modern Marketing

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Philip Kotler obituary
A respected American author who is globally known to be regarded as the "Father of Modern Marketing"

Philip Kotler, who has died aged 86, dedicated most of his professional life to publishing books and articles in marketing, his work introduced new concepts in the field of marketing such as megamarketing, demarketing, turbomarketing and synchromarketing. He strongly believes that the marketing management is beyond price theory and integrated the dynamics of innovation, distribution and promotion systems to analyze, explain and predict economic outcomes.
Throughout his career, Philip Kotler has been a consultant to several big companies in the areas of marketing strategy, planning, organization and international marketing. He presented many seminars on marketing developments and concepts in large international cities across the globe.
Kotler's parents migrated from Ukraine to Chicago in 1917, where Kotler was born on 1931. He studied at DePaul University for two years and was accepted without a bachelor's degree into the Master's program at the University of Chicago. After completing his Masters in 1953, Philip joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his PhD in Economics & Social Science. He earned both degrees in economics. What was even
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It applied rigorous analysis and mathematical methodology to the practice of marketing, something that had never been done before. Its influence over the past four decades has been monumental—even as the book itself has become ever more monumental (the 12th edition has over 800 pages). Gary Hamel said of it: "There are few MBA graduates alive who have not ploughed through Kotler's encyclopedic textbook and have not benefited enormously from doing so...I can think of few other books...whose insights would be of more practical benefit to the average
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