Philosophy And Practices Of Religion

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The idea, concept, and practices of religion have never really been something that is of importance to me during my life. For the longest time I did not identify as any certain or specific religion and when asked I would simply state how I was not a religious person. It was not until high school when I discovered the religion of Agnosticism. In our English class we had to research different religions and our group received Agnosticism. Before then I had never heard of that religion, but after learning about Agnosticism it pretty much summed up how I feel and what I believe about God and religion. Basically Agnosticism entails that the person believes that the existence of God is uncertain and claims neither a faith nor a disbelief in God. I feel like this religion perfectly sums up how I feel when it comes to my faith and ideas about God and just religion as a whole. Since I am not a religious type of person, the idea of me choosing another one that I would be a part of seems like a difficult task. When I do think about the various religions that I have studied, written, and read about during the course of this semester there is one that stands out to me. If I had to choose another religion to join instead of my own, I would join Buddhism because their fundamental principles and values are those that I can agree with and their ultimate purpose in life is something I can see myself believing in as well. To begin, in the Buddhist religion there are various principles and

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