The Philosophy Of Everyone, Despite Their Religion

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I think this should be the philosophy of everyone, despite their religion. Doing good should be a mantra that we all live by, and we can tell when we are doing good by how we feel. If you are feeling good, then you are doing good for yourself and for others. But, if you are feeling bad, then you are doing bad for yourself and others. Let 's all do what feels good because it is very important for creating a better world.

12. We All Want To Live Forever, But...

"Everyone desires to live long, but no one would be old."

Is this quote ever true! We all want to live forever, but we want to do it with the gusto of a teenager. It is truly a shame that our most energetic years are wasted on our ignorance. But, they are. All we can do is keep ourselves as healthy as possible. The good news is that in this day and age, it is easier than ever to do. We know more about maintaining good health, and we have more medicine and machines to maintain good health than ever before, and we should be making our health a priority - as much as living a long and healthy life is.

13. You Can Have Peace In Your Life

"Avoid popularity if you would have peace."

I think that all kids should be taught this in school at a very young age and every year until they graduate. The curriculum on how to have a peaceful life needs to be understood before a kid signs up to become a star or put themselves out there on a reality show for everyone to remember.

I don 't think there is anything wrong with
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