Planning For The Mental Health Of Children Essay

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Planning for the mental health of children in ECE
“You will make it through this and it will make you stronger” (Gluck). The mental health of children has constantly increased over the years. Mental health is defined as the emotional and psychological well-being of a human. The social-emotional development of early childhood children is crucial for a healthy development and advancement into adulthood. A strong social-emotional development help predict how a child will perform later in life, e.g. with social, academic and emotional progress (Waltz). My topic selection was due to my personal interest and concern with mental health. My younger brother suffers from depression, which has affected his mental health over the past few years. When my brother was in middle school, my family and I had no idea he was having difficulty and hardships in school; he kept his feelings bottled up inside. By containing all his emotions, it affected his relationships with my parents, me, and his teachers and friends at school. My brother is a great kid, and has an unlimited amount of potential because he extremely talented in the arts. I believe his artistic skills will take him far in life and make him very well-known one day. However, all of his talent and potential got beat up by his depression. The depression took over his life; furthermore, he did not go to school, he dropped out of his extracurricular activities, and he became very distinct. I had seen my brother at his

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