Planning Skills For A Good Standard

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Planning skills is an attribute in which a person can plan ahead to accomplish a goal. Planning ahead will help this person finish the job on time without the need to rush the work in order to finish it. Planning ahead can help you finish the work to the best of your ability and to a good standard. Employers value this attribute because their employees will complete their work to a good standard because there will be time to complete their task. Without planning ahead employees may rush their task in order to finish the work before the deadline.
Definition: Planning skills are any skills that allow you to look ahead and accomplish goals or targets.

Organisational skills are an attribute where an …show more content…

Keeping track of time will help employees to meet deadlines and attend company meetings. Employers greatly value this attribute because they employees to come in on time to work, to attend meetings on time and to complete tasks on time. Completing tasks on time will help company to be innovative, more efficient and help it expand.
Definition: Time management skills are the ability to effectively use time wisely.

This is an attribute where an employee must interact and communicate with a group of people to complete a task. Employers look for attributes like team working skills because this type of attribute will enable a team to work ruthlessly quick and produce work of a high standard. Working in teams will also help improve communication skills. Good communication skills will enable you to interact with others as smoothly as possible and get your ideas across to other people. This in its self will help the company succeed and expand.
Definition: Co-operation between those who are working together on a task.

This is an attribute where an employee must know how to speak well to other people within a company or anyone outside the company. Employees with good verbal skills can easily share ideas to complete a task. A leader of a group must have good verbal skills because they will need to brief their group of a task. Employers value this attribute because having

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