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Project Risk, Communication Plan & Documentation

Name: Olatunbosun Osuro
Instructor: Gloria Durham
PM 586 Project management systems
Phone: 612-220-0454

Project Communication Plan
Project communication plan defines the generation and distribution of a project documents among project stakeholders throughout the project (Clements, 2009). Project communication plan will allow stakeholders to have a medium of sharing information efficiently among the project team. It’s very important to share information for the successful completion of a project. As the Project Manager I will make use of the communication plan tool to provide directions to stakeholders, highlights
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This shows that without adequate response to the likelihood of minimizing the occurrence of the risks.
As the project manager, I will develop the risk management plan to avoid or mitigate the risk before affecting the project deliverables.
The risk response would be as follows: 1. To avoid against the resource management risk is to review the schedule plan and allocate adequate number of personnel and construction workers that can finish the task before the due date or ahead of schedule date. 2. To avoid against the license/permit risk, as the project manager must communicate with the team members assign to get the appropriate license/ permit from the government before the start of the project 3. To avoid against building design risk, as the project manager would have to communicate with the architect on ways to expedite the process before the start of the project 4. To avoid against building material risk, as the project manager make sure that the materials are deliver ahead of time by communicating effectively with the vendors and make sure the bills are paid on time. 5. To avoid against equipment’s procurement risk, as the project manager make sure that the production specialist and the manufacturing engineer work hand in hand in the

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