Poetics By John Carter

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Possibly my favorite aspect of all stories is the usage of reversal pertaining specifically to the main character. Whether good or bad reversals make a story more complex and add an aspect of uncertain future. Reversals lead to what Aristotle calls recognition in his book Poetics in which he states, “recognition, as the name indicates, is a change from ignorance to knowledge,” (20). Recognition then leads to the so-called “scene of suffering” (Aristotle, 21). This part is the one which contains a particularly destructive action against the main character.
A film that uses all three of these aspects is John Carter. John Carter initially takes place in Post-Civil War America, were an ex-confederate soldier by the name of John Carter is looking for a cave of gold to gain wealth after losing everything. He eventually discovers the cave and discovers a bald man in blue robes within, they begin to fight and Carter ends up killing the man. As the man is dying he reaches out with an amulet of sorts and whispers the word “Barsoom.” (Andrew Stanton, John Carter). John Carter then grabs ahold of the amulet and repeats the words. This action teleports him to planet Mars, which the locals call “Barsoom.” (Andrew Stanton, John Carter).
This is followed by a series of events that constantly drag him what seems toward oblivion. Eventually he ends up meeting a princess who wishes to stop a civil war that is raging on Mars between two kingdoms. As the plot continues the Princess and John

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