Police And Police : A New Criminal Justice System

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This essay will start by identifying the history of the police and when did the term ‘new police’ have been established notifying the beginning of a new criminal justice system. It will than discuss how far is the new police witnessing more sophisticated era in responding to crime. The techniques the police follow to fight crime could be divided into two section. The first section is the traditional approaches and that include random patrol and response, Stop and search, investigation and detection, intensive enforcement or zero deterrence (Khrn, 2013) .The other section is the developed approaches which term ‘targeted policing’ and that include hotspots policing, tackling repeat victimisation, focused deterrence (Khrn,2013).However, this essay we will only be discuss random patrol ,stop and search ,hotspots policing and focused deterrence. It will also identify some of the advantages and disadvantages of these mechanisms and to what extent they are functional and how they could be developed.

To be able to understand the developments of police and policing it is better to define each concept so we can distinguish between each concept. Policing is a set of tasks necessary to maintain social order and could be carried by person or institution ,while the ‘police’ is one example of social institution organized by the state to formally carry the task policing (McLaughlin &Muncie, 2013:319).However, The development of the police relate strongly to the development of the state…
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