Police Officers And The Police Force

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Police officers risk their lives everyday in the line of duty. Whether it 's pulling someone over, responding to a breaking and entering call, rushing to the scene of an accident, or even driving home after work, they risk their lives doing it. Lately, police have been ridiculed while on duty on a daily basis. Citizens seem to dislike officers more and more leading to an all around negative view of police. Something needs to be done to stop all this hatred towards police officers. The Grayling police force needs to create a more positive police presence to combat negative stereotypes. To begin, the police force in Grayling needs to generate a new, more positive stereotype. Everyday I see the public bashing police and saying they are corrupt or calling them pigs. This needs to stop because these views are creating negative perceptions on officers which will lead to the whole community hating police. What good is a police officers that patrols an entire town that despises him/her? For example, let 's say I am a police officer patrolling a friendly neighborhood that welcomes me also starts conversations with me; I would feel safe around these people and maybe even let my guard down a little. However, let 's say I walk by a different neighborhood that is full of minorities. These citizens often harass me, bully me, call me names like pig, and even tell me they wish I would die. Sounds pretty unacceptable to me. I would most likely be on edge the majority of time I spent in this
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