Political Advertisement Analysis

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The United States has less than two weeks until the nation elects a new leader. Undecided voters need to make a secure decision to choose the most reliable candidate to run this country, but how will they make a final decision? One of the most effective ways to persuade citizens to vote is through television ads. Television ads reach out to almost everyone with access to cable or the internet. These political ads are used to convince citizens to choose a side through several techniques such as stating facts about the candidate being represented, mentioning the goals of the candidate, exposing the side effects of the opponent’s proposal, and incorporating a well-known public figure into the advertisement. This year, the current candidates, Hillary …show more content…

Intellectual viewers want to break that barrier and understand the details. That’s where facts and logic come into advertising political ads. Logos is a way to approach viewers to endorse a represented situation through facts and logical reasoning, whether they’re true or not. Hillary uses such technique to attract her audience by having her speaker make negative statements about Trump. Guerra states that “He’s unfit. He’s unqualified. And I see Hillary Clinton as someone who’s had the experience nationally and internationally to be our leader”. Guerra uses words such as “unfit” and “unqualified” to prove that Trump isn’t suited to be a leader. Those words may seem valid, but they don’t necessarily mean anything because Guerra doesn’t explain why Trump is unfit and unqualified. She only uses those words to make herself sound factual like she knows Trump very well, but she has no proof to expose that to her audience. Many people accept those statements as “facts” which provide them a long term impression on the opponent. Trump also incorporated logos into his ad as well. Ivanka tells her audience that her father knows how a woman struggles through labor and that he can help balance their career and motherhood. Ivanka claims that Donald Trump “will change outdated labor laws so that they support women and American families. He will provide tax credits for childcare, paid maternity leave, and dependent care savings accounts. This will allow women to support their families, and further their careers”. She explains what her father plans to do to help working mothers when he becomes president, but the audience doesn’t know whether those are real promises or if she is making them up herself. There isn’t any evidence that Donald Trump plans to make those actions as well. Because Ivanka is Donald Trump’s daughter, the

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