Political Change In Syria

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In 2011, a few years prior to the bombing of the Temple of Baalshamin, Syria officially became a country plagued by continuous conflict. A civil uprising began against the government of the country and started what is now known as the Syrian Civil War. Mass numbers of Syrian individuals were displeased with what they felt was a corrupt political regime ruling their country and sought to create a better way of life through their pro democracy protest. Unfortunately, as the government fought back and Syrian citizens continued to protest, shots were fired and the country collectively spiraled out of control leaving around eighty percent of the population in poverty by 2015. In an attempt to establish order amidst all the social turmoil, …show more content…

Without knowing this, conflict and destruction will continue to occur in Syria, and for that matter the rest of the world.
What then is currently being done to stop such atrocities from occurring? Specifically in the case of the Temple of Baalshamin, many if not all of the preventative and preservation systems set in place to save remnants of human history only look at solving the problem at a surface level. For example, the Million Image Database Project and the New Palmyra Project both focus on preserving the Temple of Baalshamin through the collection of pictures and using digital computer renderings, in hopes that one day this site and potentially other sites could be rebuilt or forever preserved through the internet. While important as a step towards reducing loss, neither of these specific preservation examples seek to prevent such destruction from occurring in the first place. Be that as it may, even if there were a hundred systems in place that specifically attempt to prevent such instances of destruction from happening, it is highly likely they would focus only on alleviating issues that are at the surface layer of the underlying issues in a society, such as relieving hunger, poverty, and other forms of human distress. In order to truly prevent violent, heinous, and hateful acts of destruction from happening, one must look at preventing the issue by resolving

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