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The data collected and found while in the trip, can determine who polluted the water is. It was concluded that the water quality is good to excellent. The first graph shows the level of nitrates, phosphates and dissolved oxygen in the water. There was an average of 2.5 ppm of nitrate found, 1.7 ppm of phosphates, and 8.7 ppm of dissolved oxygen. Phosphates and nitrates are harmful to the water and can cause algae blooms, which then creates dead zones. These chemicals come from farms mostly, and run down through the soil, into the water. That is why areas with an abundance of agriculture can sometimes negatively affect their nearby water source. The dissolved oxygen level found was also good. Dissolved oxygen is the gaseous form of oxygen found in water. Without it, animals would not be able to survive underwater. Many factors affect how much dissolved oxygen is in the water, such as temperature, the atmosphere, water movement speed, and plant life in the water. The average temperature of the water was about 69 degrees Fahrenheit and about 20.5 degrees Celsius. Cooler water temperature creates more dissolved oxygen. With more dissolved oxygen, it is easier for animals to survive in the water. Another component of the water that was measured, was turbidity. Turbidity is how far down in the water you would be able to see with your naked eye. If water has a high level as turbidity, it would mean that you could see far down, and the water would be clearer. If it

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