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Piece of Music Music plays an important role in our lives today. Music has many other genres, such as pop, rock, and jazz; however, pop music is one of the most common and lovable types of music of all the times. Its lyrics are mainly based on emotions, love, and the need to dances. One of the best works of pop music is a representation of the real-world issues faced by our society, like discrimination, hate crimes, terrorism, sexual abuse and other unfair practices. “Till it happens to you” has become a popular song with its lyrics, and the music video highlights an area of concern of "Rape in social settings". The main purpose of the music video discussed the sexual assaults happening all around us and its effects on the rape victims, along with the role of their friends and family members helping them overcome fears after they are raped. In that regard, ‘Till it happens to you' is a beautiful musical composition and highlights the sexual assaults taking place on colleges campuses every day. The video is presented in a black and white format showing how grave and very real the rape situation is. The video starts with an image of a girl walking barefooted with no shoes in hallway. The way she puts her arms on the wall shows how clouded her thoughts were and how she felt trapped in between her skin. After a while, another girl enters the plot who is wearing nothing but a piece of cloth over her chest, silently observing herself in the mirror, signifying how

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