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Porsche Q+A of group 1 The buying decision process: Need recognition Information Search Evaluation of alternatives Purchase decision and Post purchase behavior Question 1 Analyze the buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer. The traditional Porsche customer, follow the first stage 1) Need Recognition. Most of the traditional Porsche customer is a financially successful people who see themselves entrepreneurial. They are highly demanded. They buy the car to stand for their lifestyle. And the customer started 2) information search for the car, most of the customers will draw to Porsche. They admire their Porsche because it’s a competent performance machine without being flashy or phony. 3) Purchase decision:…show more content…
Question 4 Explain how both positive and negative attitudes toward a brand like Porsche develop. How might Porsche change consumer attitudes toward the brand? There’s obviously the group of people that can afford a Porsche, and a group of people that can’t afford a Porsche, people can take a specific attitude towards Porsche that could be negative, because they can’t afford a Porsche. And these specific people can irritate themselves about the people that can afford a Porsche, just to show off or use it as a reflection of their self-image Porsche makes cars that are obviously not for everyone, they are very expensive. Porsche focuses itself on a specific market. Rich people. But, Porsche can change consumer attitudes towards the brand. In the 1970s came Porsche 914, this car was a lot cheaper than the 911 and that meant that a Porsche could also be affordable for a different class of people, what meant that their attitude towards the brand could change. Porsche did a couple of years ago exactly the same. But then this affordable version was called the cayman ( which cost 67.049), it was also a very nice sports car, but a little bit tinier, and less faster than the 911(which cost 112.000) or the carrera (which cost 122.300) . But

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