Potential Research Study: Work Life Balance. There Is A

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Potential Research Study: Work Life Balance
There is a problem with health related issues in Black women involved in leadership roles. Despite the decline of Black women in professional roles, most encounter the task of attempting to balance work-life and home with a husband and kids. According to a poll conducted by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, forty percent of black women say they experience frequent stress, compared with 51 percent of white women; stress associated with ensuring a suitable lifestyle and working against the stereotypes created by society (Thompson, 2012). Warner (2014) compiled an online fact sheet that notes women of color make up 36.3 percent of the nation’s female population and approximately …show more content…

The study will examine various ages of both married and single women in different leadership roles. Potential research questions to share with participants list as follows:
1. Is there a balance between your personal lifestyle and work?
2. Do you experience stressors in your personal lifestyle and work?
3. Do you have any stress related illnesses based off your personal lifestyle or work?
4. Do you have any coping mechanisms used to alleviate stressful situations?
5. What are your views on professional Black women and continued education?
6. What is your perspective of the “American Dream”?
7. Does the role of being a leader affect the level of stress one endures?
Integration of theories is a foundation to support the predicted claims. The literature review synthesizes each theory based off the work of several scholars. The selection of Boundary theory supports the idea of “balance.” According to previously investigative studies, there must be limits set to maintain order (Currie & Eveline, 2011). Failure to set boundaries with busy lifestyles causes an interference with demanding roles that can lead to stressors (Sirajunisa & Panchanatham, 2010). Life-space theory is another area of study that focuses on working adults and their level of experience in a career over the course of a lifetime (Whiston et al., 2015). At a certain stage in life, most individuals tend to seek stability, job growth, and other qualities, which

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