Preparing a Career Development Plan Essay

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Reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor Self-doubt Although Scott took a step in the right direction by beginning nightly accounting courses, all of her efforts may be in vain if she does not change her attitude. Burroughs has already given Scott valuable advice on how to change her attitude toward her qualifications and the advice proved to be a success. Now, Scott must continue to seek and present her positive qualifications and build her self-esteem. Each of the ways Scott may prepare herself for career advancement mentioned below can help her build self-esteem and always go into an interview with a positive demeanor. Lack of communication Whether Scott’s immediate supervisor did not notice her …show more content…

Five ways she can do so is by attending career-planning workshops, improving her networking skills, seeking out a mentor, practicing her interview skills, and searching for training programs. Attend career-planning workshops Career-planning workshops provide employees with an interactive way to assess their own values, interests, abilities, and goals. Attending a workshop would allow Scott to compare and discuss concerns and thoughts about her career with employees who may have dealt with similar situations. Having a space where she can connect with other employees, rather than management, can provide Scott with the environment she needs to openly discuss problems she may be having. Scott would also be able to gather feedback from others in the group and use this to help make decisions about her career path. Improve networking skills While being a receptionist, Scott may not have noticed the informal network between men within the organization she works for. Such informal networks provide men with information on advancement opportunities and career tips given by senior (male) members. Now that she is beginning a career where she may encounter such groups, Scott must be prepared to deal with such networks between her male co-workers. Rather than wait and see a male counterpart prosper from such networks, Scott should search and join a female network with her company. Joining a women’s network within her company will give Scott a level playing

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