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Every four years on January 20th the President of the United States of America is sworn to office. This event has been a tradition since 1937. Recently our 45th President Donald Trump swearing into office took place at the U.S Capitol on Friday January 20, 2017. All of the Presidents have given an inaugural speech to the nation, and the world. These speeches mark the beginning of a new path that America takes in the following four years. There have been short and long speeches, such as George Washington’s and William Harrison, respectively. Each speech marks a trend that let Americans infer the path in which the President plans to take the country. In this paper, one will compare and contrast the path President Trump wants to take us, with …show more content…

He wants to eradicate Islamic terrorism. He continues expressing that many countries have been enriched at the expense of America. President Trump’s speech has one characteristic, unusually specific promise, which is to “no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.” (line 81) One can infer that this might be a warning to other politicians (even his own), to do a good job, and it can also be seem as a challenge to himself. The challenge that President Trump has now is to see if his campaign slogan can be transformed into a governing agenda. President Clinton’s inaugural speech his purpose was to reassure American people about their voting choice, and he also echoed the foundations in which America lies. One can see how he used persuasion to assure government effectiveness. He stated “to renew America, we must be bold.” It is necessary to understand that Bill Clinton was the first president elected after the end of the Cold War, and URSS collapse. There was a lot of uncertainty about world events. In his speech he tries to make the citizens understand that there needs to be a political reforms and changes inside the U.S., and worldwide. Being the first Democrat president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, he envision liberal ideas to uphold the nation as part of his Democratic

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