President Franklin Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor

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President Franklin Roosevelt was justified in the creation of internment camps. There are a few solid reasons as to why he created the camps, which helped our country out and protected the U.S. The most important reason is that Roosevelt prevented any future attacks against America by the Japanese because they weren’t able to get aid from Japanese Americans because they were tested for their loyalty (Takagi).Disloyal Japanese Americans no longer had a way to assist the Japanese (Sonia). By testing the Japanese Americans Roosevelt protected the USA from any more attacks. Another main justification for the creation of internment camps is that Americans were paranoid that Japanese Americans were aiding the Japanese and they constantly felt unsafe, so Japanese being in internment camps helped reassure Americans (Sonia).President Roosevelt did not decide on his own out of nowhere to create internment camps it was out of favor of the people. He listened to them and found a solution to put Americans at peace and worry free. Roosevelt showed through his actions that he was a good president and that cared about the people and what they thought. Additionally, Roosevelt also thought of the innocent Japanese Americans when creating the internment camps. The Japanese Americans were protected against racist attacks ("Concentration Camp: U.S. Style”) Some Americans were overly paranoid and wanted to take things into their own control by attacking the Japanese Americans, and put all of the

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