Presidential Candidates And Their Policies

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The 2016 Presidential Candidates and their Policies Of the many Presidential Candidates that America has for the 2016 Presidential Election, there are those who have national television coverage and those whose names haven’t been announced to the world. Two candidates that have been climbing up the voting latter for their respective parties are the Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who is currently said to be trailing closely behind the front-runner Hillary Clinton (The Huffington Post) and the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump who is known to be the unexpected wild card of the Presidential candidates. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have similar interest in their various policies but they approach each topic with a different stance. Out of their respected parties, both of these gentlemen stand out with their views on Equality and Healthcare. Although they both cover these sections in their policies, the way the two of them have decided to go about changing America is completely different. On the one hand, Bernie Sanders fights for the rights of women of every color and affordable HealthCare. Donald Trump has made it clear where he stands in relation to his views on Equality for women and the LGBTQI community. He’s against gay marriage and has been quoted numerous times for speaking badly about the women he’s come into contact with—his most well-known exploit is the vulgar statement he made about Rosie O’Donnell. Donald Trump also stands

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