Principles Of Research: A critical review of research papers

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Principles Of Research: A critical review of research papers
This paper attempts to discuss two methodological approaches quantitative and qualitative. I will be critical reviewing and relating this assignment to two research papers, in relation to parental mental health and child welfare. Research A (Quantitative) is about; ‘Relationship between stressors and parenting attitudes in a child welfare parenting program’. Research B (Qualitative) is about; ‘Making decisions about parental mental health: An exploratory study of community mental health team staff.’ I will be referring these two papers as Research A or B, further discussing the advantages and the limitations, as well as methods
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Research A focused on evidence and proof of how Human behaviour can be justified and looked into then explained through facts and these facts can then be measures. The research paper focuses on every aspect of its question, e.g. reason for child referral to child welfare, parent demographics, co-occurring stressors, parent with metal health, and parent with violence and so on. The research paper is more reliable as it provides evidence through facts and number rather than just individual perceptions, which make the study more valid. Research B within this study focused on events and factors that affect certain behaviour within the context of inexperienced realism and the logic of what has happen is the reality by itself. Research B concerns were related to actional-theory which assumes that individuals creates meanings, that they have intentions and make real choices. This paper focused on just one area of how and what the professionals felt about decision making which more or less was close to being very similar but worded differently. Research B could have been more effective if they included some observation of the decision making that took place as well as just asking professional on their insight, as this could have been biased.
Research A and B, are different methodological approaches, therefore they both included their own advantages and limitations. Quantitative approach
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