Print Ad : The Sauer M11 A1 Handgun

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Print Ad: Sig Sauer M11-A1 “His other weapon is an F/A-18,” states the Sig Sauer print ad for the M11-A1 handgun. This ad is prominently displayed in one of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) publications and specifically targets the gun enthusiasts who read NRA. Besides the prominent statement quoted above, the ad uses what some may call “tactical coloring” and a military setting to create an atmosphere that connects the product to support of our military and a daring attitude. The model further promotes the daring attitude by his determined expression and his forward-looking position in the cockpit of a fighter jet. The textual features of the ad draw attention to the specs of the M11-A1, while subtly implying that it is not only…show more content…
For instance, the color, black, is often viewed as a “tactical” color because it is worn by special ops, as well as paramilitary thugs, all over the world. Black is also the most common color to be used on semi-automatic rifles and hand guns. White is used sparingly in the ad and serves as the color of some of the text. The final color that is used in this print ad is grey: the grid behind the M11-A1 is grey, as is the F/A-18 that the model (pilot) is sitting in. In continuance, the model and the setting are a very important part of this print ad. In the ad, the model is a pilot who is flying a very dangerous fighter jet and has what could be a determined facial expression, though it is hard to say for certain because only a small portion of his face can be seen. He is looking straight forward, the same direction as his missile and two bombs. This image is very effective, especially if the reader realizes that the F/A-18 is the foremost fighter/bomber in the U.S. Navy, which is the most powerful navy in the world. The F/A-18 in the ad is flying high in the air. From this position the pilot can strike many positions, both near and far, with greatly destructive firepower that is meant to indicate the accuracy, precision, and force of the M11-A1. The M11-A1 is also superimposed in the center of the ad, so that potential buyers can see the product that the ad was made to sell. Next, the text in the ad is mostly subdued, but it does create one major
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