Problem, Cause, Solution Template Outline Essay

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Problem, Cause, Solution Template Outline

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
(SLIDE TWO) “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” (SLIDE THREE) STOMP Out Bullying is an anti-bullying organization that has helped millions of lives. Not many people realize how a few words can have a big impact on someone. STOMP Out Bullying focuses on helping and trying to prevent abuse regards to racism, homophobia, sexism and more.
B. Audience Relevance
(SLIDE FOUR) Everyone has seen or experienced bullying first hand, whether it was physical, verbal, social or cyber. It is estimated by the National Center for Educational Statistics that roughly one out of four students has reportedly been bullied throughout a school year.
C. Speaker Credibility
Throughout my life, I have experienced verbal, social and cyberbullying. As a person who wants to become a teacher and one day have kids of my own, I want bullying to not be a thing anymore, especially at such young ages. I have witnessed many bad outcomes of those who have been bullied and I want everyone to understand how important it is to stand up, speak out and get help.
D. Thesis
From my speech, I want everyone to understand the importance of STOMP Out Bullying and how you help those who have been bullied and how you can prevent it, then I want you to know what you can do to help.
E. Preview
(SLIDE FIVE) First, I will talk about the problems that

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