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Process Recording Client’s name: yulaydi
Date of Interview: 10/30/2012 Section # 2 Assessments 2
Client’s information: yulaydi is 22 years old she is a single mother of a 5 year old son. She is unemployed and is residing in her mother’s home.

Presenting issue: The client was referred to this agency because of her anxiety and depression problems she is seeking help in dealing with the pressure being put on her as a mother and as a daughter living under her mother’s roof.

Systems the Client is involved in: SNAP (Food Stamps), Public Assistant, and Unemployment, Medicaid.

Client’s Strength: Pride’s
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She was constantly said and crying obvious signs of depression.

Content | Skill Used | Gut Reaction | Thoughts/ Analysis | Social Worker(S) –“What brings you to our agency?” | * Verbal behavior * Sounding calm relaxed but at the same time intrigued. * Simple encouragement * Client- initiated silence. | * Something is definitely wrong in her life because of her facial expressions. | | Client (C) – “My mother is forcing me to choice between being a good mother to my son or being the person she wants me to be!” | * Active listening, comforting the client was in tears crying hard. | | * What did she mean? | (S) – “What do you think is the “person she wants you to be”? Would this be harmful to your parenting style?” | | * I am trying hard to understand her reaction, she was crying very hard and I felt like I wanted to comfort her so badly but at the same time as a professional I needed to just do the next best thing so I gave her a Kleenex and let her take her time to get together once again | | (C ) – “My mother wants me to go out there and produce money no matter the cost , and since there is no jobs that I should go out there and prostitute myself so I can pay for my roof. I asked her to just give me more time to get myself together so me and my son can leave ,but she said that she is not going to support anyone else anymore that she
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