Process of Improvement of Bugzilla Essay

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Process Improvement

1) General Process Improvement

a) Use of Various tools

I believe that bugzilla was one the best tools I used during the Software Engineering course this semester. It really helped me to keep a track of the bugs and fix them in an orderly manner. Microsoft project was another tool which helped the whole team and more importantly it helped me to plan the project two weeks ahead. This really helped my team to stay on track and complete the bi-weekly assigned tasks. Visual Paradigm helped me really think of out of the box while designing the use case and sequence diagrams. COINCOMO was another tool which helped me to understand about cost and size estimation.


I believe that a brief
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Supannika Koolmanojwong had the patience to go through each and every slide in detail and ensured that the class understood the course material well. The TA’s were very approachable and friendly during the allocated office hours.

Suggestions/ Improvements:

Nupul and Daniel have done a fantastic job as teaching assistants and helped the students in issues ranging from project work to individual assignments. It would be great if an additional TA is included for the course. This would help in students getting quicker response to their doubts and would also lessen the burden on Nupul and Daniel.

d) Evaluation:

The Mid-semester and End-semester evaluation gave us a chance to review the team members. It helped us to find our strengths and shortcomings as individuals. This was a good way to overcome our weakness and ensure that the same mistakes are not committed again. This helped to regroup as team ensured that everyone was a winner after the completion of the project.


I believe it’s a good idea to request the client of the project to review the students as well. This would enable the CSCI 577A faculty to know if the student team is doing a good job and they could give a gentle hint for a particular student to pick up his/her performance if required.

e) Assignments:

The Pre-class assignments enabled us to read and learn about the latest development in the field of software engineering. We learned about the mistakes made in the
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