Professional Communication Techniques

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Professional Communication Techniques
Erika Mohr
ITT Technical Institute

I define professional communication as the way people interact and communicate with each other using professional mannerisms. There are three settings in which we should apply professional communication and at different levels. Academically, we should use professional communication by listening and being respectful to our mentors. We should address our teachers in a polite manner and take them seriously so that we can gain the most out of our education and learning experiences. The second setting in which to use professional communication is at the workplace. At the workplace you are representing the company that you work for, you’re communicating with the …show more content…

This would be helpful to me personally because I just feel lousy when people think I am uninterested in the conversations. There are many professional communication techniques that should be reflected in our every day lives. There are some that I need to practice more, while others I have down pat. However, all the different techniques are relevant in our academic, workplace and social settings and it would be beneficial to be able to utilize them in our favor.

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