Professional Career Action Plan

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Professional Career Action Plan
Kara Jenkins
January 2, 2015
Instructor: Michael Jones

Professional Career Action Plan
It is agreed upon by many that the pathway to achieving success involves the establishment of goals. Through this paper I will outline my professional goals and the job I would like to obtain in the health care field. I will also address skills that I have currently acquired and skills that I would like to acquire and skills that I need to change or alter. In closing I will review my plan to achieve these goals, I will identify the organization(s) that will help me achieve these goals, and I will identify how a career action plan outline will benefit my goals.
The key to setting career goals begins
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I have worked in the customer service field dealing with internal and external customer for over eight years. A good benefits specialist will be knowledgeable of preprocesses and principles for providing personal and customer service. Knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures is also important. Clerical experience would include word processing, transcription, managing files/records, office procedures/terminology, and transcription. Basic computer and electronic knowledge such as hardware/software, programs/application, and processors is also need when entering the human resources field. Last but not least is active listening. It is important to give an individual your full attention when listening to what they are saying ("My Majors", 2015). Take time to understand the points the individual is trying to make and ask questions when need and try not to interrupt the person who is speaking.
Skills I will need to strengthen and develop for this role are my leadership skills, stay up to date with changes, and people skills. Human Resource managers should be able to help molded employees to effectively achieve strategic goals. They should also be able to give a polished presentation. Human resource manager have to be able to have conversations with employees at all levels in the organization. Local, state and federal regulation change rapidly and Human
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