Sociological Perspectives Of Sociology And Its Impact On Society

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Sociology is an important part of today’s society as it is all around us and is in everything we do. Sociology is the study of, the behaviour of people within society. It helps us to understand how society works and how the impact of relationships and interactions between people influence society. Sociology is shown through relationships, cultures, class, religion, education and upbringing.
Sociology has different sociological perspectives for example symbolic interactionism and functionalism. Symbolic interactionism studies individuals and small groups within society and how they behave, interact and believe about how society is what it is. Symbolic Interactionism was created by Herbert Blumer. He based symbolic interactionism on three things which were that people act on the meanings of things, social interactions build meanings and meanings depend and are modified by people interacting with each other. Through communication and language, symbols are provided to understand the world that we live in. Smoking is an example of symbolic interactionism as teenagers believe it is cool to smoke, even though it Is bad for you and could lead to killing you but they think it makes them look good in front of their friends.
Functionalism is the belief of everyone in society sharing the same norms and values that get passed on through generations. Functionalists see society like a human body they believe that if one thing stops working then everything else will slowing stop working

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