Project Database Planning Process On The Needs Of A Beverage Company

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1.1 Database Planning

This project bases the database planning process on the needs of a beverage company. The company is known to manufacture, market, and distribute soft drink products internationally. Analysts prepare budget forecasts and compare performance to budget forecasts on a monthly basis. The measures that analysts track are profit, loss and inventory from the financial database. The company uses huge spreadsheet packages to prepare budget data and perform variance reporting. Because they plan and track a variety of products over several markets, deriving and analyzing data is tedious because it is done manually. Last month, they spent most of their time entering and rekeying data and preparing reports. They have determined …show more content…

The month end processes like Actuals Open, Actuals Close, Forecast Open Part 1, Forecast Open Part 2 and Forecast Close help in analysis of data efficiently. This is implemented through Oracle Hyperion Essbase which provides the ability to deliver critical business information to the right people when they need it. With Essbase, the beverage company can quickly leverage and integrate data from multiple existing data sources and distribute filtered information to end-user communities in the format that best meets the users’ needs. Analysts can interact and intuitively explore data in real time and along familiar business dimensions, enabling them to perform speed-ofthought analytics.

1.2 Scope and Objectives

The Hyperion EPM implementation and an agile project management approach using the Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM) will help meet the following objectives:

• Better communication between implementation team, project management, and stakeholders. This implementation is managed using Agile methodology.

• Provide server sizing recommendations and specifications.

• Implement clustering for production failover.

• Provide recommendations for application archiving strategy.

• Design application to support P&L, Balance Sheet,

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