Successful Implementation Plan Analysis

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Implementation is the act of providing a practical means (step-by-step) for goal accomplishment. (GCU, 2011). Successful implementation plan elements include the analysis of the present situation of the organization so that determination of the changes to be done within the organization can be made without any obstacle in the flow of the organization (Damschtoder et al., 2009). The second and the important element of the successful implementation plan is verifying the key mission of the organization, so that the planned implementation can be adjusted and carried out effectively. (Damschtoder et al., 2009).There are five elements involved in the implementation plan, there elements include; stakeholders, work plan, resources and budget, quality control and …show more content…

A distinctly outlined set of objectives and strategies will help guide the development of a working implementation plan. In addition, identifying resources necessary for implementation of the evidence-based proposed solution is essential. References Damschtoder, L. J., Aron, D. C., Keith, R. E., Klesh, S. R., Alexander, J. A., & Lowey. J. C. (2009). Fostering implementation of health services research findings into practice: A consolidated framework for advancing implementation science.Implementation science, 4(1), 50 Grand Canyon University. (2011). Developing an Implementation Plan. Retrieved from¤tTopicname=Developing an Implementation

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