Project Management : An Implementation Plan Essay

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INTRODUCTION This class has given me a great insight into which complexity is and how it relates to project management especially within the construction industry. Project complexity is defined as consisting of many varied interrelated parts and can be operationalized in terms of differentiation and interdependence (Baccarini, 1996). The course established the fact that all projects do have some level of complexity. To be able to effectively identify the extent of complexity and to adequately plane for these complexities, one needs to get a clear understanding of what the project involves and how to strategize an implementation plan (Ireland, 2007). The course also differentiated between risk and complexity while elaborating on the identification and management of risk. Complexity is basically associated with the level of difficulty which makes it harder to complete the project thus requiring special efforts to keep project risk in check. Risk measures the uncertainties associated with the project while complexity focuses on the known knowns. Also discussed was the Complexity Theory. This theory seeks to determine the minimum number of components needed for a system within a particular area of interest firstly by finding new designs that call for fewer components and by showing that a certain number of components will be needed no matter what design is followed. Secondly by setting limits beyond which further attempts at improvements are futile. This helps to completely
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