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Project Management Body of Knowledge

- Resource 1006 -

Federation Square “Inside The Square.”

Commissioned 01 May 2003 by

ABC TV Documentaries Australian Broadcasting Corporation
GPO Box 9994

Lecturer: Mr Greg Hammond


Executive Summary

This task examines the ABC case study “Inside The Square”. The primary objective of the report was to analyses the application of project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) in complex projects like the case study. The topic was researched through extensive sources including government bodies, course materials and other sources to provide the relevant information.

In cases like Federation Square that is unique in nature given the vast amount of stakeholders and resources involved, there are high implications for failure that are met with heavy condemnation from the public. For this reason numerous methods are adopted to mitigate the ambiguous catastrophe that is present during a build of this magnitude. Secondly it was discovered that even though the project had failed monetarily and its formal release extended, the overall result was a success because the public expectations did not foresee the positive effect of what this unique project had to offer once it was completed.

Finally, it is important to note that through extensive analysis it was concluded applying the body of knowledge to large-scale projects gives the project manager the necessary skills to cope

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