Project Management - Discuss Some Techniques That Could Be Used to Help Evaluate Which Alternatives Are Best

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Project Management

1. What happened to this project? Prepare a list of the factors that contributed to Revcon’s failure to obtain the product the wanted. For each factor, discuss what might have been done differently

2. What went wrong with the project? 3. Where were mistakes made in the project initially? 4. How were problems allowed to persist and go uncorrected for so long? 1. What is your opinion of Sean’s approach to creating a WBS and estimating project costs? 2. What do you think about Deva’s approach to scheduling the move and
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What are its key elements and subsystems? What are the boundaries and how are they determined? What is the environment?
2. Who are the decision makers?
3. What is the problem? Carefully formulate it.
4. Define the overall objective of the water waste management program. Because the program is wide-ranging in scope, you should break this down into several sub- objectives.
5. Define the criteria or measures of performance to be used to determine whether the objectives of the program are being met. Specify several criteria for each sub-objective. As much as possible, the criteria should be quantitative, although some qualitative measures should also be included. How will you know if the criteria that you define are the appropriate ones to use?
6. What are the resources and constraints?
7. Elaborate on the kinds of alternatives and range of solutions to solving the problem.
8. Discuss some techniques that could be used to help evaluate which alternatives are best.
1. Why was the system a failure?
2. What was the likely cause of its lack of use?
3. What steps or procedures were absent or poorly handled in the project conception phase?
1. What do you think will happen?
2. How do you think the crisis facing Yrisket will affect the Mulder project? The Agentfox project?
1. What steps or actions should the architect and contractor have taken before committing to the specifications on the window units and spacing between granite slabs the would have reduced

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