Project Management

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PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (Project Planning / Project Formulation / Project Implementation / Preparation of Project Proposal) Compiled by S.Rengasamy, Madurai Institute of Social Sciences One Of the most important administrative developments in the developed as well as in developing countries has been the initiation and growth of a large number of new programs projects in every field like Since the 1950s the development agenda has been agriculture, irrigation, industry, community characterized by projects and programs aimed at improving the quality of life of beneficiary communities, development and social welfare etc.. The principle be it in physical or qualitative terms. Despite significant aims and objectives of all these…show more content…
4. An activity (or, usually, a number of related activities) carried out according to a plan in order to achieve a definite objective within a certain time and which will cease when the objective is achieved. 5. A collection of linked activities, carried out in an organized manner, with a clearly defined start point and end point to achieve some specific results desired to satisfy some clearly defined objectives. 6. A group of activities that have to be performed in a logical sequence to meet pre-set objectives outlined by the client. S.Rengasamy - PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT 7. A project is a temporary endeavor involving a connected sequence of activities and a range of resources, which is designed to achieve a specific and unique outcome and which operates within time, cost and quality constraints and which is often used to introduce change. Categories of projects Based on time Based on the purpose Normal Experimental Crash Pilot Disaster Production / Service. Based on levels Centralized Decentralized Partially decentralized Characteristics of a project: 1. Each and every project should have a package of interrelated activities. Eg. IRDP Projects may stand-alone or be integrated a. Identification of the poor into a program, with several projects b. Knowing their choice contributing to one overall goal. c. Arranging bank
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