Project Management

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A _______________ is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.

Student Response Value
A. program
B. process C. project 100%
D. portfolio

Score: 2/2

Which of the following is not an attribute of a project?

Student Response Value
A. projects are unique
B. projects are developed using progressive elaboration
C. projects have a primary customer or sponsor D. projects involve no uncertainty 100%

Score: 2/2

Which of the following is not part of the triple constraint of project management?

Student Response Value
A. meeting scope goals
B. meeting time goals C. meeting communications goals 100%
D. meeting cost goals

Score: 2/2

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increasing revenues 100%
B. increasing authority
C. saving money
D. saving time

Score: 2/2

The ___________ cost of capital is the return available by investing the capital elsewhere.

Student Response Value
A. opportunity
B. risk C. investment 0%
D. commercial

Score: 0/2

Assuming the value of a dollar is worth more today than in the future, the net present value of a multi-year project should be _______ than the sum of its cash flows.

Student Response Value A. more 0%
B. less
C. the same
D. none of the above

Score: 0/2

If a project cost is only $100 up front and its annual benefits are $20/year, what is its payback period?

Student Response Value
A. 3 years
B. 4 years C. 5 years 100%
D. 6 years

Score: 2/2

If a weighted score for a project is based on just two criteria, fit with strategy, weighted 70% and ROI, weighted 30%, what would be the weighted score for a project with scores of 80 on fit with strategy and 50 on ROI?

Student Response Value A. 71 100%
B. 75
C. 58
D. 65

Score: 2/2

_______________ involves determining long-term objectives by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, studying opportunities and threats in the business environments, predicting future trends, and projecting the need for new products and services.

Student Response Value
A. SWOT analysis B. Strategic planning 100%
C. Tactical planning
D. Mind

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