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Project managers cannot, and must not, do everything. They must rely on the project team to complete the project work. Project managers must find ways to motivate the project team to complete the work. There is a tendency, in many projects, for the project team to be very excited about the project at the start and then excitement wanes as the project moves toward completion. The project manager must coach and mentor to develop the project team to ensure the excitement, willingness, and dedication to the project work continues. Throughout the project the project manager will have to address project team retention, labour relations, performance appraisals, and, depending on the nature of the project work, health and safety issues. As most…show more content…
Many of the researchers who analyse the general organisational development in modern industry refer to a need to face the challenges of a higher degree of globalisation, uncertainty and complexity, and a fast technological advancement. The historical overview by Mary Jo Hatch (1997) of organisational change and of the literature that deals with this field of research points to these changes. It also indicates the organisational responses; increased organisational flexibility and increased employee commitment and responsibility. According to Hatch, this development leads to the creation of ‘postindustrial organisations’ where the organisational borders are indistinct, or have disappeared, and where employees to an increasing degree work in temporary teams where they represent a certain area of expertise. The development described by Hatch has also been documented by the sociologist and organisational theorist Wolf Heydebrand (1989). Heydebrand puts projects at the centre for the analysis of modern firms and societal structures and argues that project-based structures are a prominent feature of many modern organisational forms. He states that modern organisations “are staffed by specialists, professionals, and experts who work in an organic, decentralised structure of project teams, task forces, and relatively autonomous groups” Objectives of the study • To know the level of relationship between
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