Project Planning, Execution And Closure Essay

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George Gomez October 31, 2016 Project Planning, Execution and Closure PM610 Individual Project 4 Professor Ronald Burke The main purpose of this memorandum is to explain the effect of decision making on the project. This memorandum also explains the factors that need to be considered when accepting or denying the vendor offers. This memorandum also includes the budget, schedule and resources. This memorandum also explain the parties that would need to be involved in the decision-making process and the factors that would need to be discussed and agreed upon the various parties involved in the project. Factors to Consider: In order to make effective decision making about accepting or rejecting the vendor proposal, the manager would consider several factors such as vendor 's background, financial position, relationship with others, technology provided in the project and market position etc. These factors would helpful for the manager to make effective decision making process as well as would also be supported manager to select right vendor for the project (Cohen & Kalbaugh, 2008). Decision Affect the Overall Project: Selecting or rejecting the project proposal can affect the project in terms of its effectiveness and value. Whether you accept or deny the vendor 's proposal will have an impact on the project speed, position of project, budget, schedule and resources etc. (Levin, 2010). The selection of vendor proposal would increase the cost of the project by $25, 000 and would
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