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Policy review
To come out with an interim report to examine and review the MacVille policy and procedure documents to determine the shortfalls between required sustainable practices and documented approaches to the same. In addition, to review current usage of resources to gain understanding of potential for recommending change to organisational practices.Moreover, to develop an implementation plan for the new and revised policy documents. 1. Interim report 2.1 identify and describe required sustainability initiatives for MacVille
•MacVille need to make it eco-efficiency by using less energy, material and water, more recycling.
•By re-programming of all the air-conditioning services and switching off the lights at …show more content…

Otherwise, penalty is required.
•encourage staff to use dual-flush capability of toilets
•use less paper as possible
•better waste management

4.8 detail
•embed the sustainability initiatives in the policy documents including describing the roles and responsibilities of the employers and employees in this issue. Also, implement the initiatives into day-to-day operations, clear and definite the position descriptions of all roles and authorities.

4.9 evaluation
•to evaluate the efficient of the initiatives can be done by comparing the expense report every week or every month to check if it reduce the waste management costs or the usage of energy, material and water.
•the sustainability performance can be evaluated through checking the number of prosecutions or environmental incidents.
•checking the quantities of emissions and percentage of waste recycled

4.10 timelines and milestone 1. phase 1
•the company need to recruit staff to fill places in the new work team. In the end of this phase, the team should get organized and it should include someone to coordinate the planning process. 2. phase 2
•the sustainability coordinator or someone might go through the workplace to complete the first research and assess the environmental, economic

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