Project Safety on Our Roadways: An Interview

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1) Given the theme of the final project (Safety on Our Roadways), it is only natural that the interview should be with someone who is able to provide useful information on the threats that exist on roadways, instruments and solutions to mitigate these risks, and how each individual should be involved in ensuring that safety on roadways is maximized and that risks are minimal. With this in mind, the interview shall be done with JoAnn M. Faiella, the mayor of Port St. Lucie. Mayor Faiella has promised that she will put all her efforts towards keeping Port St. Lucie beautiful. However, in her campaign, she has made no mention about safety on the roads. An interview with her will help both clarify her intentions in this area and, in the case that her policies are not directed towards increasing and ensuring safety on the roadways, to ask questions about why this is not a priority for her administration. The interview will take place at the mayor's office. It is important, for a more thorough and informative interview, to have people from the mayor's staff who can also contribute to the questions and provide more technical answers if necessary. One can expect the mayor to have a good knowledge of the subject at hand, however, it is less likely that the mayor is familiar with details about what the local authorities are undertaking when it comes to roadway safety. Here is a list of potential questions that the mayor can be asked: 1) Dear mayor, thank you for taking the
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