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Executive Summary This assignment critiques the initiation and execution of the Bring your own device (BYOD) Project 2013 at Robot Eyes Ltd, an electronic component manufacturer for industrial robots. The BYOD program allows sales personnel to utilize their personal smart phones, notebooks and other mobile devices to conduct wireless sales transactions. Robot Eyes Ltd. experienced significant wireless confidential data leakage through the mobile devices, for three consecutive years at the same exhibition center in Singapore. The main data encryption unit’s security software was non- responsive as a result of a software malfunction after the mobile devices were upgraded by XXX Ltd. The mobile devices were then susceptible to wireless…show more content…
Failure to have a proper organizational structure by having two separate leads, Director of DPA and Director of Information Management, results in ambiguity in the upward reporting chain and a less conducive environment for definitive communication and progress reporting. The organizational structure implemented can be described as a “Lightweight Matrix” (Ulrich, K.T. and Eppinger, S.D. 2000) where an issue for the project manager is described as the “Two bosses problem”. The structure that was employed was not carefully articulated for efficient project execution because there was no Responsibility Chart formulated to carefully integrate the list of tasks, designations together with milestone planning. Additionally, there was no formal specification of task details or progress reporting done with a paper trail as in the case with Taz who had a verbal briefing of his duties and was giving verbal reports at meetings. Re – designing the organizational structure with a single leader is recommended. Also, introducing official log forms that need to be filled and filed for reporting purposes. Project Scope Management Project Scope Management accounts for “all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully” (PMBoK Guide 5th Edition, pg 104). Fulfilling this Knowledge Area ensures that the project manager has an understanding of all the work or tasks the project entails. It can be further refined
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