Promotional Podcast Analysis

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For this weeks discussion and the remainder of the class, I will talking about the promotional podcast service that I am currently in the start up stages of making. This business is know as DJ Jekyll and Mz. Hyde Promotional Podcast, and is located in upstate New York. I and my business partner, DJ Jekyll, wanted to provide a informative service for other like minded individuals and those simply into music and the entertainment seen. As a young start up business it currently is just the two of us, offering promotional services for local bands and artists (actually live in person promoting and distributing), up to date happenings of local and regional events/concerts, new music release information, and entertainment industry news. All in a fun interactive and engaging streaming podcast.

As the times
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As Tom Hutchison states in his article, “Consumer tastes change over time. As a result, new products must constantly be introduced into the market place” (Hutchison, 2010). This is no truer than in the field of music/entertainment news. Society is a fast-paced, multitasking, eat as you work, place and the live steaming or listen to at your convenience podcast perfectly fits into this hectic balanced chaos. The days of retaining the newest news about an album or artist have switched from physical media to digital media. With the increase in personal “smart” devices digital media has shown, “consumption of music by consumers has increased” (Hutchison, 2010). With this increase has come a higher demand for new ways to listen to and find the next
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