Promotional Strategies For The Promotion Mix Essay

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The promotional strategy of any given product is vitally important to how well a product will sell. Promotion is the communication to build and maintain relationships by informing and persuading one or more audiences. There are many different forms of promotion, which fall under the promotion mix, which is a combination of promotional methods used to promote a specific product. The most important promotion strategies used for AXE’s promotion mix are advertising, event sponsorships, and publicity/public relations (PR). This promotion mix was determined with the help of an AXE marketing team determining the target market. Once they established this, which was the “insecure novice”, AXE was able to create their promotion mix (Bhasin). This process came about through integrated marketing communications, which is coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum information and persuasive impact on customers. Once AXE determined this target market, they were able to more easily promote information about this product to the consumers.
Advertising is a paid non-personal communication about an organization and its products transmitted to a targeting audience through different means. In terms of AXE body spray, it is often advertised on TV and print (such as magazines), but also online through the AXE website and Youtube videos, many of which are the clip of the TV ad (Find Your Magic; Axe / Lynx; AXE Home Page). One type of advertising that seems very vital to AXE’s
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