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Explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix for a selected product or service.
In Shakeaway, they currently have campaign to promote their Christmas winter products to be able to make these products successful they use the marketing mix along with the promotional mix which supports the marketing mix when marketing and promoting the product. The marketing mix is ideas to consider when Shakeaway is marketing their new winter milkshakes, the promotional mix is how Shakeaway communicates with different target audience and is one of the key element within the marketing mix.
Marketing Mix:
The marketing mix is made up of seven Ps, these known as, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Packaging, People and Processes. Each element of the
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Packaging at Shakeaway is the actual the cup that the use to put the milkshake in, this is the consumers first point of contact with the promotional Shakeaways, so it’s important that the packaging appearance is attractive, which therefore makes awareness and the appropriateness of the packaging meets the need of the both the product and customer. Promotion is linked in with the packaging at Shakeaway it could be seen as advertisement to the business which can therefore being more customers to the business to buy the products.

People is an important element to Shakeaway and the marketing mix and how promotion as a role to support it. At Shakeaway, the people who work there is important to the business. It’s important the people of Shakeaway knows how to use the different equipment in the shop to make the milkshakes and give the customers exactly what want. It is also important that Shakeaway offer a good level of care before and after the purchase of the milkshakes. Promotion support this element of the marketing mix; by sales management and personal selling. For this to be success the people of Shakeaway will need training and development programmes; in which they will learn:
• How to use the machines to make the milkshakes
• How to work the till
• how
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