Propagand Like A Good Neighbor

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Like A Good Neighbor Our society has used different forms of advertisements, commercials, and propaganda since even before the 20th century. Propaganda is described to be information that is usually misleading or uninformed, that tends to be used to promote political views or to persuade a consumer into buying a sellers product. According to Ann McClintock, propaganda is “the systematic effort to influence peoples opinions, to win them over to a certain view or side.” Overtime with the advancements of technology, forms of propaganda and advertisements have changed, but the end result has always been the same, as well as the goal— to get the consumer to buy the goods. There are many propaganda techniques that advertisers use. Name Calling, Glittering Generalities, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Card Stacking, and Bandwagon are the seven propaganda techniques. Companies use these techniques to persuade people to buy their products and to trust the company. For example, in the commercial from the insurance company State Farm, the commercial starts off with the husband on the phone with Jake, who is a representative from State Farm, and the husbands wife walking in at three in the morning astounded and concerned as to why he would ever be talking to anyone on the phone that late at night. The clock on the wall is very visible behind the wife, making sure the audience knows that it is three in the morning. The viewer can then see as the wife takes the phone from her

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