Proposal for Event Management System

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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2.0 FUNCTIONAL & TECHNICAL PROPOSAL 5 2.1 Evenesis Enterprise Features 5 2.2 Evenesis Server and Hosting Requirements 7 2.3 Assumptions 7 3.0 COMMERCIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 8 3.1 Evenesis Enterprise Package 8 3.2 Deployment Timeframe 8 3.3 Evenesis Subscription Fee 8 3.4 Payment 9 3.5 Customizations and Enhancements 9 3.6 Data Migration/Data Entry 9 3.7 Annual Maintenance 9 3.8 Validity 9


Majlis Sukan Negara or MSN has highlighted the challenges faced when organizing staff trainings and corporate events, and managing the following processes:

* Event
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Manage Guest

* Import guest from external email contacts (Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail) * Bulk upload guests from a custom CSV file * Add and edit guest details * Search guests by keywords and filters * Set guest’s attendance and check in status * View history of each guest’s invitations and responses

d. Invitation * Create email, SMS and letter invitation templates * Send invitations via Email and SMS * Allow recipients to respond directly from the email and SMS * Blast info via Email and SMS (one way) * Generate letters for each guest based on the templates * Total number of emails provided per month is 40,000 (The balance will not be carried over to the following month)

e. Design Floor Plan * Define number of seats per floor plan object (e.g. 10 seats for a round table) * Design and customize floor plan layout * Preload floor plan with existing floor plan templates * Able to drag and drop floor plan objects easily (other features include the ability to zoom and rotate objects)

f. Seating Arrangement * Seat or place confirmed
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