Proposed Portfolio Management Process For Managing This Tampa

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Executive Summary This summary addresses the project selections criteria and high-level process for managing this Tampa, Florida--based company’s proposed Strategic Business Units (SBUs). The most current report indicates this company’s current revenue to be $350 million annually, but the Operations SBU recognizes that more must be done to expand while controlling costs if this company is going to continue to grow. Currently, the company has several projects in the works, but the Operations SBU has recognized the need to establish a solid, company-wide portfolio management process if we are to meet and exceed the company’s vision; to become the cruise ship industry’s worldwide “provider of choice”. The memo proposal below would establish a company-wide project selection criterion for a proposed portfolio management process. Proposed Portfolio Process As indicated above, this company is in need of a formalized portfolio management process beginning with a standardized project selection process to aid senior management in determining the order in which projects should be selected. Project selection is crucial in today’s market as the downturn in today’s economic strata seems to be only making it ever increasingly challenging for today’s execs to remain on top. Selecting the right project at the right time is crucial if the company’s mission/vision and strategies are to be met. This project selection starts at the executive level of the parent company, once executives

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